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New Business

At Your Insurance Broker we value our clients highly and it is particularly exciting for us to welcome a new client. New Business Services provided by Your Insurance Broker include:

  • Completing your personal needs assessment - we invest enough time to understand your business and accurately determine your insurance needs before we can begin to recommend the correct insurance program for you.
  • Designing your insurance package - we work with you to design an insurance program that suits your needs as no two clients are the same.
  • Negotiating competitive terms and underwriters - we investigate what insurance options are available in the market so that you end up with the best value possible.
  • Analysing options & making recommendations - we make recommendations, in plain English, about which option will best suit you, taking into account the scope of coverage, pricing & insurance history.
  • Placing cover & preparing the paperwork - for many people, completing tedious paperwork is an unpleasant chore. We ensure this task is kept to an absolute minimum so you can concentrate on running your business.
  • Preparing your Insurance Manual - If you desire, we will create and maintain an Insurance Manual to ensure ready access to your insurance policy details.
New Business

Ongoing Client Service

At Your Insurance Broker we place a very high importance on client service. Our clients are the reason we exist and providing exceptional client service is critical to our success. Some of the ongoing client services we provide are:

  • Committed service team - as a client of YIB you have a designated account executive and support team who understand your business and your service expectations. Each member of our team attends regular seminars, conferences & training sessions on all aspects of insurance. This continuing professional development provides you with acess to up-to-date information so you can always make informed decisions. We monitor the continually changing insurance market and provide technical insurance advice tailored to your business.
  • Prompt claims service - our experience and relationship with insurers means we are able to cut through the red tape to ensure claims are settled without delay.
  • Full renewal review - we undertake a comprehensive review of your insurance program each year and if necessary, complete a fresh risk assessment.

Life, Trauma, Total & Disability & Income Protection

At Your Insurance Broker we are not licenced to provide you with any advice regarding these types of products. However we do have an associated firm licenced to provide you with these services with a full support team. Tony Townsend and T & L Townsend Pty Ltd ATF Townsend Family Trust t/as Townsend Insurance Services are authorised Representative Numbers 256625 and 458077 (respectively) licenced through SYNCHRON AFS Licence Number 243313.

Adviser Tony Townsend and Townsend Insurance Services are authorised to act on behalf of Synchron to provide services covering advice and dealing in the following specialised areas:

  • Life Risk Insurance Products
  • Investment Life Insurance Products
  • Business Insurance
  • Superannuation

For more information please contact Tony at: Level 1, Corner David Low Way & Mudjimba Beach Road, Mudjimba Qld 4564

Telephone: (07) 54505039

Fax: (07) 54507129

Life, Trauma, Total & Disability & Income Protection

Risk Management

Your Insurance Broker is one of the few Insurance Broking Firms in Australia employing a dedicated Loss Control Surveyor and Technical Advisor, Lloyd Poole. This gives us the ability to complete our own risk management on your business and enables us to present your exposures/risks to underwriters in the best possible light. This helps us to ensure the most competitive terms are offered by them to you. In addition, this service adds value to your business by providing you with:

  • Detailed risk analysis - including recommendations for risk improvement
  • Ongoing Risk Management - with regular renewal reviews.


When you suffer a loss it can be a very stressful event. As a Your Insurance Broker client we will ensure this stress is minimised for you. Managing claims is the most imporant thing we do as an insurance broker. We are here to ensure this process is managed efficiently and fairly and that your claim is settled as quickly as possible.

General Claims Procedure

Your Account Executive and support team are here to assist you when you have a claim. You can assist in the claims process, by following the steps below:

  1. Report the incident to Your Insurance Broker as soon as possible by telephone, fax or email. Outside normal business hours report serious claims, to your Account Executive on their mobile number.
  2. Take steps immediately to prevent further loss or damage, regardless of whether the claim is reported or not. This might include:
    • minor temporary repairs
    • locating replacement critical machinery
    • securing the premises or vehicle to prevent further loss
    • ensuring safety of staff and neighbours if required
    • have your vehicle towed to a secure location, if seriously damaged
    • arrange for the vehicle to be covered, if necessary to prevent water damage
  3. Complete all required claims documentation as soon as requested by the assessor or your Your Insurance Broker Account Executive.
  4. Never admit liability, even if you think you are at fault. To do so could result in your Insurer denying or reducing your claim.

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